Saturday, July 23, 2011

The demise of the bookstore

I went today to the liquidation sale at my local Borders bookstore. Even the liquidation prices were higher than those on, but I bought a few books anyway, in final tribute to the hours of enjoyment this and many other bookstores have given me over the years. I miss the joys of browsing in a bookstore . Yes, you can find these books on-line now, and yes, I buy books online or download them to my smartphone. But how do you know which books you want? The glory of a good bookstore is browsing the shelves. You might be looking for a particular book on the Civil War, and end up with Freeman's biography of Robert E. Lee, or a book by Joshua Chamberlain, or Founding Mothers, or The Book of Common Prayer, or Temple Grandin's Animals in Translation. Goodbye, brick and mortar bookstores. You will be missed.

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