Monday, September 24, 2007

The more things change...

Knowing it's Oktoberfest (Wiesn) time, I decided to look it up online and found this. Aside from Dachau, this is the most German thing I've ever seen:

"Can you see those sweet girls on your screen? Maybe you can win their hearts, but at first you have to shoot them."

I hate dating.

Footnote: Shooting girls is "our most popular Wiesn game!"

Apparently it beats out Zitzenzauber. Which is only to be expected, as we are a more urban society nowadays.

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Conor said...

The other day I was explaining to Jordan the words for outfits seen at O'fest, specifically that men wear "lederhosen" and girls wear "dirndl." (Unless they're really drunk and things get confused.)

I mentioned that I'd seen an Oktoberfest t-shirt that ripped off the Jägermeister logo, and in the same font said "Dirdljäger." I was very enthused about this shirt. I found it most premium, suitable for a premium person (and dirdljäger!) such as myself.