Tuesday, September 25, 2007

An American Werewolf in Harrisburg

Took Fenris for a walk tonight, and as we came around that short dark crosstreet by the woods I noticed a black car parked there.

Since there are no houses on that little street and no light down there, that was certainly an unusual thing.

Normally I give solitary cars on solitary lightless roads a wide berth but I didn't walk all that far away from this one (which is really stupid and you must never do this).

Fenris turned to look at it and I idly wondered if perhaps there were a couple of lovers inside. Although the car was black the interior was light-colored and there didn't seem to be anyone visible. Of course I have the visual acuity of a rhinoceros (as well as the general body shape, but that's another matter). Anyway, looked empty to me but as I was passing the car Fenris quickly went over to it, reared up and bopped the driver's window hard with both front feet in that motion used by polar bears to break through the ice. Since the car was rather small and Fenris is rather tall that's a good analogy. I immediately pulled him back and kept walking; I didn't say a word and had I quicker reflexes he never would've reached the car.

That ignition fired up so fast and that little black car took off. I think it took the corner on two wheels. I hummed Bad Moon Rising all the way home.

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Conor said...

I think that you should found a school of Schadehund training. Unleash your faithful companion to embarrass and humiliate all around you! You will live like a god, as people everywhere scurry away in shame.

I can't decide which line I liked more, "visual acuity of a rhinoceros" or the part about Bad Moon Rising. Great post!!