Sunday, October 7, 2007

I am Stan

You know, I learned something today.
If you're a white person, don't ever give anything like this:

to African-American employees. As it's pulled out of the gift bag, before one can properly see what it is, the tension in the room rises appreciably.


Conor said...

Man, it took me so long to realize why that was racist.

I think that means I have a good soul. Or that I never went to history class. Or that I grew up in the whitest high school in the area.

Although I guess all of these things can easily be true.

Anne said...

Me, too. I had 10 gift bags, and the ghost was in 5 of them and the other 5 had pumpkin soap holders. I thought they were adorable, but it wasn't until I was handing them out and this woman opened the bag and was reaching for it, she involuntarily jerked and paused and I thought, what's wrong? I looked at the bag and it all came over me. I said brightly, Oh, and I have this pumpkin one, too, you can have your pick.

She took the pumpkin.

Anne said...

Yes, indeedy. Here I was, all white and everything, and it never entered my head and really, had I just handed out the little ghosts it would've been fine and everyone would've said aw, how cute, and no one would have reacted, but they were in this clear gift bag, clear with autumn leaves all over it, so you couldn't quite see what it was because there were other things in there too, and who thinks of getting ghostie soapy things at work since I admit it WAS a little early to be thinking of Halloween, so it was just as she was pulling this white-robed THING out of the bag and thinking what on earth? surely they're not giving me a cracker-in-a-robe as a PRESENT?