Thursday, December 20, 2007

If my house was clean I'd kill myself

I think I know why you find these houses filled to the rafters with junk piled everywhere. It keeps people alive!

99% of the time I'm happy as can be, but on those very dark days when I think this just isn't worth it, I look around at my little house, piles of crap everywhere and think, "I can't die like this; I never cleaned that bedroom." And on those nights when I have heavy chest pains and I think "Oh, man, I'm just not going to get up, who the hell cares anyway?" I say to myself, omg, this place is such a mess, no one wants to see this, so I get up, go to the cabinet, put that aspirin under my tongue and live to see another day.

It's great having a system that works; I like it.


Conor said...

This made me laugh out loud, thank you. It made me think of uncle whoever almost drowning away in Korea during the War, washed away in a river while bathing.

Then he pictured the headlines back home of "local boy dies in underwear" and he fought like hell against the current. =)

Anne said...

Uncle Nick! Yes! It's obviously a genetic Russian thing.