Saturday, January 5, 2008

Anne Among the Office Workers

"Often I wondered whether I had not come upon a sort of fungoid people, with just enough mind to give them motion and the expressions of anger and greed."

- Lilith, George MacDonald, 1895


Conor said...

"Was ist das gerade mir ganz Unerträgliche? Das, womit ich allein nicht fertig werde, was mich ersticken und verschmachten macht? Schlechte Luft! Schlechte Luft! Dass etwas Missratenes in meine Nähe kommt; dass ich die Eingeweide einer missratenen Seele riechen muss!"

What is it that I find most unbearable? That which I cannot bear alone, that which suffocates me and robs me of sense? Dirty air! Dirty air! That something deformed draws near to me; that I must smell the entrails of a deformed soul!

by Nietzsche


Anne said...

Yeah. What he said.