Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Heavy Metal in Baghdad

In my not-humble-at-all opinion very few bands calling themselves heavy metal should. Even most of the ones that are HM ring into these old ears with the sounds of manufactured angst & nihilism, the Sturm und Drang of pretend metal, and have none of the poetry, beauty, and awesomeness (in the true meaning of "awesome") of the real deal.

These guys are win:

Overview article at:

They even have the utter self-centeredness requirement. Quote: "Nobody could live under the same circumstances that an Iraqi could live in," says bassist Firas. "You have to deal with death and fear every day," adds singer Faisal."

Nobody? I definitely admit I probably wouldn't survive in their environment, but unlike others who have, I don't think I would've survived as a WWII French resistance fighter, nor would I have made it through a concentration camp, the Bataan death march, a European soccer tournament (hooligans or boredom - a toss-up as to which would kill me first), the Salem witch hunts (most definitely the end of the road for me) or life in China, Palestine, Cambodia, or Bangladesh in any time period.

When I find an article on a heavy metal band from Darfur, I'll post their thoughts on survival.

Meanwhile, hats off to Acrassicauda, and somebody please send them t-shirts so they don't have to embarrass themselves by wearing Metallica any longer.

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